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Chautauqua High School is a school of choice within BVUSD. If a student wishes to enroll they must:
  1. Student and parent meet with Principal's designee from student's current BVUSD school to discuss application for admission to Chautauqua. (Students new to the district meet with Chautauqua's Principal.)
  2. Student and parent meet with Chautauqua Principal.
  3. Student and parent meet with District Admission Committee. Student is prioritized by the Admission Committee and placed on the waiting list.
  4. When at the top of the waiting list, student meets with the Chautauqua Government Group.
  5. Student enters school.
Students who are on the Chautauqua High School waiting list must continue attending their classes at the referral school until enrolled at Chautauqua High School.

Voluntary enrollment at Chautauqua High School can be requested by all Bear Valley Unified School District students in grades 10 - 12.

Factors taken into consideration when considering a student request for enrollment include:
  • Need for an alternative program.
  • Chances for success in an alternative program.
  • Chances for success in the conventional program.
  • Reasons for requesting an alternative program.
  • Chances of timely graduation from high school.