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General Policies

The school policies listed below have been developed for the smooth operation of Chautauqua High School and for the safety of Chautauqua students. If special arrangements need to be made for your student, or if you have any questions or concerns, please call your student’s teacher or Tina Fulmer at 585-6892.

  1. Students arriving on campus should report immediately to their classroom and should only leave the classroom with direct teacher permission.
  2. School phones should be used only with direct teacher permission, and only to make transportation arrangements or in medical or emergency situations.
  3. Appropriate language should be used at all times while on campus.
  4. Staff members and other students should be treated respectfully and politely at all times.
  5. Smoking materials should not be used or be in the possession of any student on the school campus, in the school parking lot, at or around the MARTA stop, on or around school buses, or within sight of the school campus or parking lot.
  6. A student who has a problem, argument, or disagreement with any other student or any staff member should immediately notify his or her teacher and the principal. Involvement in a fight or physical alteration of any type on campus is never acceptable and will result in very serious consequences (probably including losing the privilege of attending Chautauqua).
  7. Student should not be on or around the Big Bear High School or Big Bear Middle School campus (including the parking lot and the area within1/4 mile of the school) unless advanced principal permission has been received.
  8. Use of the skateboard ramp and basketball court at Sugarloaf Park is OK at any time before or after school obligations are met. Use of other areas in Sugarloaf Park that are not visible from the Chautauqua parking lot is OK at any time before or after school obligations are met.
  9. Students waiting for rides home from school can wait in class and keep working (banking hours) until the ride comes. Students may also choose to start walking (not stopping until the ride comes) in the direction from which the ride is coming. Students who have left school should not return to the school campus on the same day.
  10. Students should not wait for rides or for any reason in the CT parking lot, by the fire station, on the street by the CT parking lot, or anywhere around or near the CT campus.
  11. Students may catch the MARTA bus either at the Chautauqua parking lot (twenty minutes after the hour) or at the Marta stop by the fire station..
  12. Students taking MARTA should wait only at the rear school driveway (from twenty to twenty-five minutes after the hour).
  13. Cell phones may only be used during scheduled breaks and only at the break area. Cell phones must be turned off and may not be visible or used during class time. Problems with cell phones will result in phones be confiscated and returned only to a parent. The school is not responsible for lost or missing cell phones.
  14. iPods and other devices used to listen to music, access the internet, or play games may not be brought to school. Head phones or ear buds may not be brought to school. Problems will result in devices being confiscated and returned only to a parent. The school is not responsible for lost or missing iPods or other electronic devices..
  15. Students taking the BBHS bus or being given a ride to school should walk immediately to their classrooms after being dropped off. Student's arriving before 7:30 AM should wait at the break area until 7:30.
  16. Students are responsible for following all school rules in the Chautauqua High School Student Handbook.
  17. Students riding BBHS buses should follow the procedures described on their bus pass.
  18. Students failing to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) or scoring at a "below basic" or "far below basic" level on their most recent STAR tests in language arts, reading, and/or math may be required to attend remediation classes in addition to their normal school hours.
  19. If there are any problems with following any of these policies, students should first talk with their teachers and then (if necessary) talk with the principal to work out individual arrangements.